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Lawn Fertilization

A vibrant, great-looking lawn is the focus of many homeowners today, which is why our free lawn and tree care analysis is an essential step toward creating a beautiful property. Appearance is just one aspect of the many positives that come with a good lawn fertilization program. Some other benefits of feeding your property are:

Fertilizing is one of the key components to a fuller, thicker lawn, which is why we use only top-quality fertilizers that are specifically formulated for the lawns in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the surrounding areas.

Weed Control

Tired of the weeds in your lawn? Is your lawn full of crabgrass or dandelions? Looking for a lush, green, weed-free lawn? Let us help, we’ll start your service off right with a free lawn and tree care analysis!

Our weed control service, used alongside our premium-grade fertilizers, has been custom-built for the lawns in our area and is proven to prevent, control, and keep those weeds away.

Choosing a company to help remove weeds from your lawn can be a challenging task, especially if you’ve had a bad experience with a lawn service company in the past. Our promise is only as good as our commitment to follow through and deliver results.

The Science Behind Our Weed Spraying Service

We know that our work is a mixture of both art and science. Paying close attention to the stream of information coming out of the Purdue Universities Turf Research department, and regularly examining our application programs, allows us to stay on the front lines of the Indiana lawn care industry delivering premium weed control services to every customer.

We also know that avoiding damage to the existing flowers and shrubs that outline your current landscape is of the highest priority. This is why each and every application is always applied with care and caution and is always scheduled in a timely manner for first-class results.

Let our Signature Lawn specialists show you that a beautiful lawn is possible, saving you time and headaches, delivering you premium lawn care & weed control services. Let us put our Signature on your lawn!!

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Core Aeration

When you want to have the perfect lawn, you might be surprised at just how many steps go into creating it. After all, there’s determining what your soil’s chemical balance is, finding the right fertilizer, and also fighting against weeds with the proper products. One of the big things that can often be overlooked is the core aeration process. The core aeration services that we provide at Signature Lawn & Treemasters can easily help you with this.

One of the things that we hear often enough is “should we aerate our lawn”. The answer is yes, it’s hard for a homeowner to understand what benefits it provides them since you don’t really see problems with your lawn as easily as you do with weeds or bare patches. The main benefit of core aeration is it brings is to reduce compacted soil and also allows more air, water, and nutrient movement to the root system for a thicker healthier lawn. If your lawn gets a lot of traffic, or you get significant runoff of water after a shower, core aeration is right for your lawn.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a completely free lawn analysis. This will help you take stock of the current health status of the lawn, and help you determine the proper actions that need to occur to get the absolute best performance out of your lawn. We have all the services required to help you accomplish this as well, and we’re ready to help.

In most cases, the best time to core aerate your lawn for Ft. Wayne is in the fall when seasonal conditions allow for deeper soil penetration. Combine this service with overseeding and you’ll have a winning formula for a thick, beautiful lawn.

Lawn Overseeding

Lawn overseeding is one of the most overlooked aspects of lawn care services. Yet this one step can be vital in achieving a thick, lush, and weed-free lawn. This service will also introduce newer seed blends that are more heat tolerant which is extremely beneficial for the summer months of our growing season.

With our lawn seeding service, we take into consideration your soil type and condition, along with inspecting your current turf type. Based on this information we can suggest the appropriate premium-grade turf seed, and recommend the best seasonal seed application schedule that will improve your lawn density. Core Aeration must be done before we overseed your lawn as it makes a great soil-to-seed contact for optimal seed germination.

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Lawn Mowing

At Signature Lawn & Treemasters, we specialize in caring for your lawn and landscape plants. Over the years, we have formed strategic partnerships with a few highly qualified local lawn mowing companies that we are comfortable referring to you for your lawn mowing needs.

If you need help with your lawn mowing this year, let us connect you with a quality, knowledgeable lawn mowing provider that you can trust.